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About Us 🚀

The future of working culture is DAO. But with the current super accelerated growth phase, the tools in the industry haven't been able to catch up. Problems exist in all forms when it comes to DAOs - project management, talent acquisition, verification, and other daily ops tasks - everything happens on Web2 native apps like Discord, Notion, Trello, and others.

Our vision is to be the leader in solving these problems for DAOs, their members, and Web3 explorers. Think LinkedIn + Glassdoor + Trello for DAOs. We want to be the go-to platform for managing, analyzing, joining, and growing this ecosystem.

We’re still at an early-stage but we’re growing rapidly and this would be a great opportunity for someone to join the web3 ship early, and set themselves apart. If you’re someone who takes ownership of their work, can handle end-to-end processes with minimum guidance and enjoys engaging with people, then please consider applying. We’re waiting.

Website: https://samudai.xyz

Our Culture ❤️

We’re a team of young and ambitious professionals, who come from multiple backgrounds and are on a mission to learn and solve problems for the growing web3 industry. We’re new, and it will be our collective responsibility to nurture a culture where people come, work hard, win and grow together. Most importantly, we want to build an open, transparent, and safe environment where everyone expresses themselves freely.

So, come, grow with us! We're growing rapidly, the industry is expanding fast, and we have a lot to do. If you're someone who loves taking initiative and getting things done, there are a lot of opportunities for you at Samudai. We’re enthusiastic about our shared mission and enjoy spending time together!

Latest Developments 📈

  • Samudai was launched at ETH Denver (The largest and longest running ETH event in the world) in the presence of Vitalik (Founder, Ethereum) and 4000+ other attendees

  • Have working partnership with Collab Land

Relevant Documents 📑

Important Notes before you apply 📝

  • Interest in, and passion for, the crypto industry.
  • Understanding of various aspects of protocols/networks and assets.
  • This is a position in the Founding Team, meaning that you’ll have the opportunity to get promoted to a C-level position in a short span of time. So, we’re expecting you to have the mindset to be a part of the long journey.
  • Have your passport ready!

Key details required from applicants 📋

  • Social Media Handles and Reach (esp. Twitter)
  • Examples of marketing content or any other original writing piece
  • Marketing/community stats from a project where you were the lead

Requirements ✅

As the Community Manager/Growth Hacker, you will be responsible for leading the end-to-end community building process , as well as engaging with partners, and the growing ecosystem. Your focus will be to grow the Samudai community by educating, supporting and rewarding them. You’re someone who loves the crypto community and are in way too many Discords.

  • 1+ years of work experience, particularly in community management and growth
  • Experience with direct people management and leading community operations teams
  • A strong track record of conceptualising strategic plans for a product/project, and realising it
  • Past experience with high growth startups/communities is a plus
  • Coordinate and support marketing initiatives and campaigns, communications, among other program tasks.
  • Lead the creation of the curation of the calendar and drip of editorial content across different media mixes and social platforms (Discord, Twitter, etc.)
  • In cascading campaign and promotional messages across different community groups (Twitter, Discord, Instagram, Telegram, Reddit, etc).
  • Monitor marketing campaign progress and results using data analysis and user feedback to ensure ever-improving efficacy and user experience.
  • Manage the tracking and reporting of key metrics and objectives.
  • Write educational content including but not limited to blog posts, emails, video scripts, promotional articles, and presentations.
  • Strong communication skills and writing skills. Creativity to develop unique ideas and expand on them is a plus.
  • Strong interest and knowledge about crypto, blockchain technology, and the DAO ecosystem are desirable.

Nice to have (don’t worry if you don’t tick these boxes, we’ll learn together) ⭐️

  • Has previously worked with Web3 solutions like Arweave, Gnosis and IPFS
  • Active member of DAOs and understands where space is progressing
  • Understanding of governance in DAOs and the current DAO tooling landscape
  • Understanding of how tokenomics works and experience with building token integrated platforms
  • Well versed with the concept and implementation of Decentralized Identifiers and Verifiable Credentials

Who you are 😃

  • Entrepreneurial with grit and guts to pursue complex worldwide ambitions
  • Humble, respectful, and very professional to others
  • Ability to take ownership and make decisions
  • Fast learner who is willing to experiment and implement new technologies on the go
  • Comfortable with handling ambiguity

Compensation 💰

When the company succeeds, so do you! With every new round, there will be a compensation revision for people who join us now!

Salary: INR 12 lpa (Fixed) + INR 2 lakh (Joining Bonus) + 20% yearly bonus
Equity: 0.2% - 0.4% (0.05% - 0.1% every 6 months) Since we’re very early stage, having a stake in the company will have great upside in the long-run. For example, if you own 0.1% equity for a startup valued at $100 million, your equity would be worth $100,000.

Perks and Benefits 🏖

  • International Retreats: A month long onboarding retreat in Bali, half-yearly offsites with the team in various exciting international locations. Of course, all on us!

  • Remote-first with Flexible Working Hours: We want you to give your best, choose the hours and the place that help you optimize

  • Tech Setup: Do not worry about your equipment and subscriptions. We’ll equip you with the latest MacBook and provide you with all the tools you need!

  • Learn & Grow: We believe in building a community where everyone can learn from each other, and for that we have an unlimited book budget, paid professional certification budget (case-by-case basis), company-wide access to top paid newsletters

  • Flexible Time Off: We believe in the power of personal time, so we offer as much flexible time as you need. Build your own day. Unlimited paid leaves. Paid sick leaves. Just clear it with your team and bon voyage!

  • Health Package: Insurance, Fitness Package, Mental Health Package

Samudai helps you to analyze, manage and reward your community members by leveraging blockchain.
Size:  1-10 employees
Year Founded:  2021
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